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Welcome to the Crown Experience!

Whether you’re a Crown Lanta loyalist or a newbie to our boutique island resort, our goal with this webpage is to make the island of Lanta your Prince Charming. We’ll surprise and delight you with travel ideas, recipes, expert tips, and the latest Crown news, written both by us as well as outside Crown “Royals”.

This isn’t about toeing our own company line, singing our own praises, or simply rehashing blogger’s reviews. The goal of The Crown Experience is to engage, inspire and celebrate life on the island.

So dive right in and “sea” for yourself!

Blissy Life (Blog): Getaway and Focus, Surrounded by Breathtaking Vistas

by BlissyLife | April 2016

We traveled to Koh Lanta with the intention of having a sort of creative sabbatical… exciting, I know! We wanted a beautiful, paradise-y beach location, that was a bit secluded so we could think and focus. We certainly found this at Crown Lanta Resort & Spa!

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Journalist On The Run {Blog}: 10 Reasons to Love Koh Lanta, Thailand

by Journalist on the Run | March 2016

Before coming to Koh Lanta last week, I really didn't know a whole lot about the island. I heard it was a lot quieter than the likes of Koh Phangan and Koh Tao on the side of Thailand and that it was also nothing like the rowdiness of Phuket, which anyone how has read this post, will know my dislike for that island...Here are 10 Reasons I love Koh Lanta...

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Crown Lanta Resort & Spa {Blog}: Where to Eat Like a Local (sort of).

February 2016

One of the joys of experiencing a new culture is the food. And here in Thailand there's no shortage of food cards, sidewalk cafes, or restaurants. Deciding on which one to dine at is wherein the challenge lies. Crown Lre so much more than just brick and mortar, a physical structure...

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Tieland to Thailand {Blog}: Crown Lanta: A Picture Perfect Crown Lanta Resort

by Tieland to Thailand, January 2016

When we first traveled around Thailand, we were starstruck by hotels with rockbottom price tags. But now, we're more often in the market for something more elegant and comfortable for a higher (yet still reasonable) price tag. On our recent trip Thailand's southern region, the Koh Lanta resort called Crown Lanta didn't disappoint!

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Crown Lanta Resort & Spa {Blog}: You've Got a Friend…

by Crown Lanta, January 2016

You've got a friend…in me. Winter, Spring, Summer, or Fall. All you have to do is call. And we'll be there for you! Crown Lanta is excited to begin contributing posts to The Crown Experience webpage. We feel we are so much more than just brick and mortar, a physical structure...

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FIT Travels {Blog}: Hotel Review

by FIT Travels | January 2016

Our time at the Crown Lanta Resort was short, but very sweet. This was our second visit to the Thai island, Koh Lanta so we took the opportunity to lap up everything that the Crown Lanta Resort had to offer and relax!

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Tieland to Thailand {Blog}: Unforgettable Things to Do in Koh Lanta

by Tieland to Thailand | January 2016

Even though we've taken many trips to Krabi Province, it took us nearly three years to finally visit Koh Lanta. Big names in that area of the Andaman Sea include Phuket and Koh Phi Phi, but we ended up gravitating towards the island that's not on travelers' radars as often. As it turned out, there are a great mix of things to do in Koh Lanta without the overcrowding usually experienced on the more popular islands. Count us in!

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Look East {Magazine}: Holiday Retreats

by LookEast Magazine | December 2015

Nothing screams a relaxing winter getaway like a spa retreat in a private secluded location – and here are several new ones awaiting your visit during the holidays.

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Luxury Travel Diary: Crown Lanta Resort & Spa Review

by Luxury Travel Diary | October 2015

The Crown Lanta Resort & Spa is only an hour and a half from Krabi International airport and is reached by a van and speedboat (or ferry) transfer over to the magical island of Lanta...

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22 Places {Blog}: Crown Lanta Resort & Spa – Ein Erfahrungsbericht

by 22 Places | October 2015

Auf Koh Lanta kann man eigentlich ewig verweilen. Die Insel hat tolle Strände und ist sehr viel relaxter, als viele der touristischen Hochburgen in Thailand...

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