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Welcome to the Crown Experience!

Whether you’re a Crown Lanta loyalist or a newbie to our boutique island resort, our goal with this webpage is to make the island of Lanta your Prince Charming. We’ll surprise and delight you with travel ideas, recipes, expert tips, and the latest Crown news, written both by us as well as outside Crown “Royals”.

This isn’t about toeing our own company line, singing our own praises, or simply rehashing blogger’s reviews. The goal of The Crown Experience is to engage, inspire and celebrate life on the island.

So dive right in and “sea” for yourself!

Crown Lanta Resort

Luisma | June 2017

Meanwhile our trip to Koh Lanta, we had the amazing opportunity to collaborate with the stunning Crown Lanta Resort & Spa. This 5 stars Resort is located in a peninsula at the north of the island, with direct access to three beaches. It features 83 rooms, two swimming pools overlooking the Andaman sea, a fitness center, three restaurants and a beautiful Spa. The staff was lovely and very helpful, and there was also a buggy golf car service to move around the vast property. Continue reading about Luisma's stay at Crown Lanta...

Where to stay in Koh Lanta, Thailand

Together to Wherever | June 2017

Let’s go to Koh Lanta, Thailand! This island in the southern region of Thailand boasts amazing natural beauty set in a peaceful and enchanted environment. The island offers both lots to do for those seeking adventures well as a quiet getaway for those visitors looking to relax and lounge. The beaches on Koh Lanta are perfect for romantic couple vacations or families, especially those with small children. Our top pick for where to stay in Koh Lanta, Thailand: The Crown Lanta Resort and Spa. Continue reading...

Crown Lanta Resort & Spa Review

by Our 3 Kids v. The World | May 2017

The Thai island of Koh Lanta holds a very special place in both mine and Craig’s hearts, as it was the relaxing leg our our honeymoon nearly 14 years ago, we went there after spending 3 weeks touring Vietnam from South to North. Continue reading to find out how Sally's family enjoyed the island 14 years later...

Koh Lanta Comeback at the Crown Lanta Resort

by Trading Travelers | April 2017

Fast forward 6 years later – many of those years which were spent in Thailand – and we had yet to return to Koh Lanta. Everyone we knew in Thailand raved about the island. Continue reading about Charlie and Brittany's second trip to Koh Lanta...

Crown Lanta Resort & Spa Review

by The Globbers | March 2017

While we’re writing, in the background there are colorful lanterns, bamboo tables and huts, a lounge music and a breathtaking sunset. Here at Reggae Bar the mood is definitely relaxed, but this is just one of the many privileges that you can have being guests of the Crown Lanta Resort. Continue reading...

What to do in Ko Lanta?

by Tene Sommer | March 2017

Since we only stayed three nights at Crown Lanta Resort in Koh Lanta, we only took one day to discover the island. It’s quite small, but it has roads for the cars that run 22km from north to south (not like tiny Koh Lipe which was our next destination).

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Private Beach Day+Lunch & Dinner at Crown Lanta Resort

by Tene Sommer | March 2017

Since the resort has a beautiful restaurant called The Cliff that is open both for lunch and for dinner, we decided to try out the food there and then head down to the beach for a few hours.

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Reggae Bar at Crown Lanta Resort

by Tene Sommer | March 2017

Altogether we stayed at Crown Lanta Resort for three relaxing nights. But you could easily stay there for two weeks, because of the different facilities the hotels offers such as a spa, private beaches, Reggae Bar,

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Bangkok to Crown Lanta Resort in Koh Lanta

by Tene Sommer | March 2017

The hotel had arranged a transport for us, but the resort is very near-just 3km away from Koh Lanta Saladan pier. Koh Lanta is very laid-back and perfect for couples as well as families and I think the resort we stayed is one of the most romantic hotel in Koh Lanta.

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by Fjords & Beaches | February 2017

On my recent visit to Koh Lanta, Thailand my friends and I really hit the nail on the head with our choice of accommodation.

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